For Your Body, Mind & Soul

Barbara Joy


OK…So…Yeah, that’s right…we all over indulged during the holidays, and

it was worth it!

We’re all tired of carrying the extra weight, sugar and carbs on our body. 

Many of us also experience reducing the weight takes much longer than putting it on!  (Ahhh, the effects of long term exposure to gravity  :-) 

Here are some simple yet easy tips, followed by yummy recipes, to help you quickly

loose the holiday weight.

Easy to implement: Tips For Post  Holiday Weight Lose

1.  Eat your bread/crackers/cereal/sweets in the morning.  This gives your body the entire day to burn it off.  Yes, a few of us have gone in to the cold turkey mode of not eating carbs.  Most of us have not.  This tip offers a more loving way to “detox” from the overload of sugar and grains.  One that’s easier on our bodies and our psyches.

2. Celebrate the weight loss and be smart!  What do I mean by that?  Most of us know exactly how much holiday poundage we put on.  We also tend to set unrealistic weight lose goals:  too much too soon.  Then we wonder why the sabotage monster pays a visit!  Be smart--aim to loose ½ in 2 weeks and CELEBRATE!  Celebration motivates us!  Loose the final ½ in 2 more weeks.  Celebrate again!

 3.   Visualize and feel how good it feels to have the poundage off.   Visualization combined with emotions tells your psyche and body what to help you accomplish.   You want all systems on board and working in harmony.

 4.  Get moving again.  I know, I know…you already know this but are you doing it?  A simple brisk  20 - 30 minutes walk can be a great motivator.   Easy to do in this beautiful weather!

Joyfully Simple Yet Delicious Recipes

Blueberry “Crisp”
1 cup frozen organic blueberries

1 packet Stevia
1/8-cup to 1/4-cup blueberry pomegranate juice
Place in a cup and microwave until hot.  Tastes just like blueberry pie or crisp.

Peach "Pie"
Similar recipe as above except a few dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Yumm!

Thick, Creamy “Potato” Soup

Steam a head of organic cauliflower for 10 minutes.  Put it in a food processor or Magic Bullet along with 2T butter.  Blend until smooth.  Salt &/or pepper to taste.  Super delicious and filling!  For some “sassiness”, sprinkle a bit of cheese and chopped green onions on top.