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"Sandy" and me.  She brought me the essential oil JOY for my birthday :-)

Barbara Joy

Please…share this information with others. 

I KNOW if you do this it will save someone’s life.” 

I was going to blog about fitness apps but something more important came to light. 

I ran into an exquisite friend and client, Sandy (not real name) last week. In 2015, unexpectedly, she had a brain stem aneurism followed by a stroke.  I was able to visit her last week.

Her husband, Keith (not real name), who is also a wonderful friend and client, shared with me his 20/20 hindsight.  He said, “All the signs of a major health issue were there, we just didn’t recognize them.  Please, Barbara Joy, share this information with others.  If one other person and family is saved from the turmoil we are experiencing it will help give our experience a purpose. I KNOW if you do this it will save someone’s life.” 

Here are the signs:

 #1. “I was living on Excedrin” (Sandy’s own words.) 
If you’re “living” on any type of non-prescribed medication, that’s a red flag a physical condition is likely strongly requesting your attention and healing.

 #2.  Dizziness
Sandy was experiencing dizziness that wouldn’t go away.  The three of us remember this dizziness occurring when she would do standing Pilates moves.  Sandy appeared healthy, so the three of us would mention non-medical causes:  did she eat breakfast/did she get enough sleep/too much stress/drinking enough water/ etc.

 3.   Exhausted easily.
Keith noticed Sandy was getting easily exhausted when walking through an airport as well as…

 4.  Walking gate changed. 
Keith observed not only the exhaustion, he noticed her walking gate was slightly different.  

 Keith said “Tell them if they have any of these symptoms, go see their Doctor and make sure to get an MRI!  Had we done that, all of this could have been avoided!  Phoenix has a lot of freestanding MRI centers.  Getting an MRI today has become very affordable.”

 “I could have purchased a blood pressure cuff and taken her blood pressure.  She was probably experience high blood pressure that went unchecked,” Keith stated strongly.

 I’m thrilled to report Sandy is doing well and we expect a full and complete recovery.  It is important you know she wasn’t expected to survive.   It has been a long, arduous road for her and Keith. 

 If you have any of these symptoms, please visit your Doctor and get an MRI. 

 Also, know your heart rate and blood pressure.
  Take it now and then.
Most pharmacy store, like Walgreens & CVS, have easy to use BP devices.

 Please share this blog with family & friends.  You never know who this info may help.  If just one life is saved, your action of sharing has made a significant difference!