• Proven to transform your body, mind and soul through specific body movement,  breathwork, intentions and stretching.
  • Strengthen your core 
  • Loose inches
  • Increase flexibility
  • Move with more ease and grace
  • Feel strong and fit
  • Creates more ease in everyday life

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  • Proven to transform your body, mind & soul by helping you achieve your goals while removing your blocks to attainment.
  • Training on machines that safely strengthen and sculpt with ease
  • Great for those with

          neck/back/hip/knee issues

  • Perfect for all levels of fitness
  • Personal attention to attain your goals
  • Keep your workouts fun and fresh

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Pilates mat Classes

Pilates Personal Training

Feel and look better starting today!  

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For Your Body, Mind & Soul

Studio Joya, LLC

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  • Proven to transform your body, mind & soul in a fun environment.
  • Enjoy Pilates with others who are at your level.
  • Strengthen your core.
  • Loose inches.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Feel strong & Fit.

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Movement Heals!

We hold our issues in our tissues.  If you've ever experience physical, mental or emotional trauma, chances are great it's become locked in your body. 

- Do you have a consistent pain or discomfort that won't go away, yet there's no formal diagnosis has been made? 

- Do you have a recurring pain or discomfort that may go away for a short while and them return?

Wouldn't it be a relief to release the trauma?  Embrace your freedom today!


Transformation is a personal experience, and here at Studio Joya in Sedona, your experience is completely original to your needs and wants. Our philosophy is to give you the benefits of fitness modalities proven to assist you in your personal tranformation, whether it be your body, mind, soul or all three.  Take a look below and you’ll see what we mean. 


Transformational   Pilates

PIlates Personal Training, Pilates Classes-Studio Joya-Sedona, AZ

Experience outer & Inner